Kumquats are a unique member of the citrus family. They are small, egg-shaped, and can be eaten whole. Known as the inside-out orange, kumquats are sweet on the outside and tart on the inside.

Despite its small demeanor, kumquats are filled with a burst of sweet-tart citrus flavor. The paper-thin skin is where the majority of the sugar lies and has virtually no bitter pith; however, the flesh is mouth-puckeringly sour.

To no surprise, kumquats are filled with an abundant supply of vitamin C and fiber and have more fiber in a serving (about five whole Kumquats) than most other fresh fruits. Because the entire fruit is edible, it can be candied or eaten whole. If candied, kumquats are perfect in fruitcakes and holiday truffles.

Also use in dressings, frostings or preserves, or mix into stuffing, cakes and muffins.

Look for fruit that is shiny with good color. Avoid those with blemishes or soft spots. Store in cool location up to seven days, or refrigerate unwashed, wrapped in plastic, in a crisper drawer up to two weeks.